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Thread: A roe doe in the snow, or twa in the snaw

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    A roe doe in the snow, or twa in the snaw

    Woke up at 5;30 this morning so decided to have a run through to Fife.
    I have a little place through there that I shoot on, It`s a problem place as one part of it is a 90 acre deer fenced new plantation.
    There has been a doe in there for a while, but it`s been nigh on impossible to get on it, as she just flies round the perimeter whenever she spots you ,,,, infuriating.
    Anyway, hit the ground at 7am and off I went. I came across tracks with a light dusting of snow, so knew they were recent (snow was a foot deep !) but looking at them it was obvious there were two deer ! ******** ! the owners would be tearing there hair out,,
    I moved on, and spotted two does,, running,, full pelt right round the perimeter fence ! ffs,, here we go again,,
    Anyway,, followed on, and tracked the buggers for around an hour,, eventually coming across them in a corner of the plantation, they had me spotted, as the trees are only a foot high, it`s like trying to sneak up on them in a grass park !,, I managed to get up on them close enough, and grassed them both. Result. Owner came out and loaded the quad for me, saving me some graft, and to say they were happy is an understatement, they were over the moon.
    It`s not true stalking,, it`s pest control, but it was still a good result, and these two are for my freezer,
    First deer with the new swaro, so thats that broken in as well

    Niether were pregnant, but these two will be my last does, I have really had to push the season out to the very limit this year
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    Good shooting. Its always good to make the owners happy.

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