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Thread: Curio quarry to calibreJ

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    Curio quarry to calibreJ

    Ust for laughs Wot's the smallest thing you've shot with the largest calibre?
    Mine is grey squirrel with .308 in 180 gr or fox with .375 300gr anybody else?

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    Shot a fly that landed on my target while checking the zero on my .243... It was zeroed!
    CZ Mod 2e .22 ~ AI AE 6.5x47 ~ Sako M591 .308

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    A rat with 243, also just ran away, with guts hanging out.

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    I shot a Snow- shoe hare with a 400 gr speer out of a Ruger 458, I was after moose.......... I didn't see any that trip.

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    Pheasant with a 7mm rm!

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    Not that impressive but a rook with .243
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Such a pleasant change to the opposite end (red stag with .222 etc)!

    Mine would be squirrel with a .243.

    Or a tiny bird called a quelea with a 12 bore (they're agricultural pests in Africa - come in swarms of that can tens of thousands big. About the size of a wren).

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    Rabbit with 308 while zeroing. Left four feet and a funny smell.

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    A lizard with a 44 magnum. Found a foot at the edge of the crater. Thinking about it tho...pound to "grain" so to speak.... it may be shooting flies with a 22LR at the local range. ~Muir

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