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Thread: Rifle bolt

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    Rifle bolt

    Do I have to keep my rifle bolts in the lock top box in my cabinet or can i leave them in the rifle ( or is this a grey area)
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    As you mention plural, keep them in the rifles. That way you end up with the correct bolt at some dark hour.

    Your gun cabinet is your reasonable precaution.

    If you only have one rifle then by all means take MORE than reasonable precaution.


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    Ta but is that the Law (3 rifles )
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    as far as know you have to lock your bolt/mag away seperate to your gun as you do for your ammo.

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    i beleave it is in the home office guidelines, but please correct if im wrong

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    Fine to leave them in the rifle.

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    Not in the HO guidelines.

    Keeping ammunition locked up separately is required, but not the bolt.

    If you're away from home and have to secure the gun somewhere then it's a sensible precaution to take the bolt out and take it with you, but in a locked, HO approved cabinet there's no need.

    Of course, removing the bolt will allow air to circulate more freely around and through the barrel, which "might" help to reduce rusting, especially where a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor is used.

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    There is no legal requirement to keep your bolts seperately from your rifles but if this is what you want to do then by all means go ahead, however the first time you forget your bolt you will from then on leave them in your rifles


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    Removing the bolts maybe suggested by your FEO, but is not law.
    I leave mine in the rifles now, as I have arrived at my ground with the wrong bolt

    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post

    Keeping ammunition locked up separately is required, but not the bolt.
    Does anybody know if that includes expanding missiles ?


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    Thank you for that its just handy to keep the 22 bolt in for the rabbits that suddenly appear
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