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Thread: S4 Lockdown bino harness

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    S4 Lockdown bino harness

    It was my birthday earlier in the week. Luckily I was given some very useful presents. One being a bino harness. The s4 lockdown. I was getting really pi**ed off with the caps on my bins as every time I picked them up to look one or both of the lens caps would have flicked back on and I had to fiddle about to flick it off again. So this little harness which fits nicely covers them from the rain while holding them steady and has a elastic chord to fasten the lower cover if not to be used for a while. It looks very well thought out, so I'm looking forward too giving it a go. Next present was a pair of uk army gaiters. I had a 5 Aldi pair and they have lasted a few years. Really keep the trousers clean and legs nice and warm when sitting in seats. But I ripped the side out of one the other week. So new pair for birthday, good quality gore-tex ones which should stop the moisture build up that I got with the nylon ones. Bit of a game to put on but should last a good few years. I'll update what I think of these things later. I hate having kit that don't work so thought you may be interested in my findings. Happy hunting.

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    The S4 looks good, but 50 in the uk ?
    Seems a lot for what it is, be interested to hear how it turns out for you after some use.


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    woodmaster i got one i invested in it when i brought my zeiss RFs 8x56. I think its a great bit of kit and after twelve months of wear still doing as it says in the adverts. once your used to it (took one stalk) you have confidence to crawl and not worry about your binos getting damaged or eye piece getting muddy. PM your mobile ill call you tomorrow after 1300 if your not too far away your can try mine out before you make your mind up.

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    sorry only scan read it. just relised you have got one.

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    Hi Hornet. I had thought 50 a bit dear. I tried to buy 10 from the us at $50 which seemed a better option. If I could only have made a 5 on each I would have done it just to circumnavigate the robbing UK. But instead of charging 1 lot of shipping they charged 10x and it was just too much.
    I wish somehow folks on here would/could have a section with things they were looking to buy and put bulk orders together. Not so anyone can make a profit but just to get stuff at the same cost as our friends over the pond. Group buys on powder, clothing, boots etc.
    Might give it a go next time I'm after something.
    ​Went out this morning, made a couple little adjustments on the straps and must say I impressed so far.

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    The cost will always be higher than in the US. You have to account for import duty, shipping costs and VAT when bringing gear over in commercial quantities.

    Always amazes me that the general public are so ignorant of basic business facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deako View Post

    Always amazes me that the general public are so ignorant of basic business facts.
    I'm not sure they are ignorant, they just want a fair deal, something we don't seem to get.


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    I wouldn't say I'm ignorant of basic business. I run 2 successful companies thanks. The price of $45 included all import duties and VAT. It was to be sent declared as such, not as a gift etc. So the only saving I expected to make was on combined shipping costs. Since at the end of the day the cost of the item is subject to duties etc which i do understand. However there is no duty on the shipping and I know it would be less expensive (per item) to post 10 than 1. I'm guessing you wouldn't be interested in any bulk buy, whether from abroad or within UK?

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    Midway uk sell the old one.
    Midway UK

    there is a new X version though which they don't sell

    LockDownX | S4Gear

    they do look well made! I want one!
    UK Guy

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    Are they available in camouflage? atb Tim

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