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    Just reading through the mag this month p104 "laughing roe buck " AM I MISSING SOMETHING ?

    QUOTE ","she could not see her target ,in adrenelin filled optimism she fired 1 shot in the general direction of the barking "!!!! THEN " 1 shot fired in the general directon" !!!!and THEN "1 shot 2 meteres in front "!!!!! and apparantly another shot !!! 4 in total ,should this stalk not have been halted after the first shot ?articles like this realy should not be published ?I RECON THEY HAVE JUST LOST ANOTHER CUSTOMER HERE ! it begs belife about so called proffesionals ethics !



    all the best

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    I have to say I used to really like this magazine but I was very disappointed with the issues after Charlie Jacoby stopped editing and I've stopped buying it.

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    Haven't seen this issue of the magazine...are they condoning this behaviour?

    Hope to God's so wrong on so many levels. Not to mention being more fuel to the antis - who undoubtedly monitor the sporting press.

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    No need to apologise for the rant, I had to read the article twice because I thought I had miss read it.
    I was fairly pissed off with what was being printed, not because of any bad publicity but because the woman was allowed to carry on shooting.
    This really was amateur hour at its best.

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    It does not say much for the professional stalker taking her out after the first shot at a none existant target I would have asked her to stop shooting immediatly, if she had continued that would have been the end of her hunt with me and no refund either.

    Over nearly 30 years of taking folk out I have had one or two clowns, but never a women that shoots at non existant targets. Generally most ladies I have taken out are very good stalkers and shots.

    I tend to think that many of the articles written in these magazines are a bit like newspapers, full of S////

    Is this the magazine edited by Peter Carr ?

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    4 misses andthen taken out again the next day with going back to the range.

    Plus norma dont make a 120gr .243 I think there is a lot of BS.

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    .243/120gn bullet, is that possible As for four shots - rediculous
    I enjoy some of the articles, the one about the stealth cam for instance and the shooting up/down was also interesting but the majority of the mag seems to be nothing more than an advert for certain parties

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    I haven't read that artical yet, i'll save it until bedtime because if I read that sort of rubbish early in the day it winds me up and makes me grumpy for the rest of the day! Sounds like 'reconnisance by fire' to me, that never seemed like a very good idea for use against Argentinians/Serbs/Taliban/Iraqis and it certainly isn't a good idea when deerstalking!! Maybe the artical was meant for the April 1 issue? JC

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    Just read the article myself. Everybody misses or messes up at some point. Very few articles ever report this, so I would not condemn the mag just for that.

    However, this particular incident is a classic example of the sort of thing we hear about from the states every year. Some knob with more firepower than sense goes deer hunting. He sees a bush rustle, or notices a brown shadow through some cover. What does our hero do? He dumps some lead in the general direction of what might be a game animal. Net result, some poor ******* gets shot with a deer cal, and usually dies. Wonder why they have to wear blaze orange??

    There was an example of this I read last year where some clown killed his own son. He then took the easy way out and offed himself. Left his wife and remaining kids to deal with the aftermath.

    At the first sign of a client firing a shot when they had patently failed to clearly identify the target, the stalker should have taken the rifle off the silly bint and marched her off the hill, never to be allowed out again.

    Crazy world.

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    I haven't read this article yet, I'll read it on the bus home tonight.
    I have taken out a couple of stalkers in the past and have been taken out by Stalkers on the hill. Now the way I do it and was taught how to do it was to be along side the rifle/ guest as if I was taking the shot and when the beast was in a shootable position, I then ask the rifle "Are you happy with this shot"? If they reply in the affirmative, I tell them where to aim and to pull the trigger when they are ready.Always following up with " If you are not happy with the shot leave it".
    Up to now its worked every time.
    I would be interested to hear what others do / say to rifle / guests when out.

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