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Thread: Minox BD 8x58 Bino's

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    Minox BD 8x58 Bino's

    Just put my motor and a trailer on here today and thought while I was in the mood would clear out some other stuff.
    I have the above bins. Made in Germany, with origional box, leather pouch, rear lense caps and one front cap. I lost one somewhere in the attic or house as I never had them on.
    Crystal clear glass and brilliant in very low light. Even when it's dark and you can't see. Look through these and it's visable. My scope always was the let down.
    TBH they weigh a bit and since I now mainly do all my stalking walking miles have a much smaller set. So they are sat on the shelf and could be put to better use.
    Great in the motor for glassing long distance or in a high seat.
    Can post at cost (haven't a clue what this is).
    ​I'll do some pics in due course.
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