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Thread: Bino's for stalking

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    Bino's for stalking

    Hi I'm looking to get some bino's for stalking but I dont have daft money to spend can anybody recomend a budget set that is half decent Cheers dully1963
    Long range Foxing reach out and touch the red fellas

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    Dully been done a few times look in the site search history my second pair are minoxidil 8x44 were in the ne are you as you could have a look through mine
    ​ Atb tom

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    Depends on your budget but either Minox 8x42's or secondhand Zeiss/Swaro both will give years of service.

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    I have Khales but if I was on a tight budget I'd try hawke ,Steiner ,minox or flea bay !

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    I use zeiss classics but if I was going to get another pair I think I would go for minox

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    Bushnell H2O 8 X 42 about 100 everything I have ever needed in all conditions.

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    keep an eye on ebay mate,Usually there's quite a few to choose from. Leica BN and Ba for instance,also ring your local gunshop up and see if they have anything secondhand.
    ​Atb John

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    I did a post recently which may help you decide mate:

    I'm still using them and recently compared them to a set of Swaros the same as I dropped. There was nothing between them.

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    e bay .I got a great set of zeiss for 400 quid.depends on what your budget is I guess

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    One of the lads that works for me has a set of Strath Spey 10x42, for the money they are the dogs rocks, 110 on the bay, waterproof, fogproof & for that money they are great.

    ​Regs lee

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