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Thread: What would stop you from going out !

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    What would stop you from going out !

    I have a little cold and was sneezing and moaning abit this am and whilst getting ready for a quick run into town for a few supplies and a coffee the wife asked what would actually stop me from going for a stalk as I mentioned my buddy and I were having a last look on the estate for a fallow .she thinks we're mad going out in all weather .i think I'd have to be pretty bad not to go out .what ailments have you boys gone stalking with ?

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    Not stalking, but my back was so bad once I had to be lifted onto my horse to go hunting, after six hours in the saddle had to be lifted off.

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    I woke up this morn lying next to kim kardashian and also had a slight cold so i stayed in bed.
    ​Atb John
    Seriously though, strong wind, sleet and rain.
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    Rain so heavy it resembles the Indian Monsoon, Or Snow turned to ice, that sounds like TNT cornflakes when moving on it.
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    Any combination of 2 or more of the following:

    Wind over 25 mph
    Temperature below 2
    Wet feet.

    I've realised that I just stop enjoying it then. I grew up in the tropics - once upon a time anything below 15 degrees seemed an unthinkable horror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Not stalking, but my back was so bad once I had to be lifted onto my horse to go hunting, after six hours in the saddle had to be lifted off.
    A man after my own heart.

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    I had a bad lung infection for a couple of months but continued going out most days. Eventually, (and probably close to pnumonia on a couple of occasions!) I went on a course of antibiotics which helped. I became frustrated that I coud hardly breath and was struggling to deal with larger animals.
    Being dead will probably stop me eventually I'd imagine, but other than that I'm generally good to go!

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    Red face

    I had a whole weekend of shooting planned for this Easter and then my first son was born this morning at 04:23 so that definitely but the skids on that idea. As far as excuses or reasons go I think it's pretty good

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    Congratulations nh. I think you could probably slip off for a few hours while mother catches up on sleep. Sure you want to spend time with new boy, but he'll be there screaming the place down tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. See where I'm going with this. Might be the last chance for a while. ATB. Hope mother and boy doing well.

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    but J Davy, it's far better to come home to strong tea and a hot woman that put up with her at early am crap when someone's got to let the dogs out

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