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Thread: Last Minute Beaver Hunt Bargain!

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    Last Minute Beaver Hunt Bargain!

    Hi Folks,

    This is a last min bargain deal on a 6 outing BEAVER hunt in Finland. Dates 26th April to the 29 April 2013 for 730 Euros!

    The travel time to the hunting area is about 2 hours from Helsinki Airport with the best flight options being from London-Gatwick with Norwegian Air. See here for full flight options:

    The recommended flight option to make all six outings is at the bottom of this post.

    Arriving early afternoon gives time to travel to the cabin at the hunting ground and have a relaxed late afternoon / evening hunt on the first day. Hunting Friday 26th pm and then the 27th and 28th am and pm with the the morning of the 29th you will get the opportunity of 6 full outings.

    The hunt will take place alongside the banks of a productive river and shooting will be at about 30 to 90 meters. The beaver is very alert, and so a quiet and still ambush is needed. The smaller or medium stalking calibres and normal equipped rifles are fine so .222 up to 25-06 etc. Larger calibres like a 7mm magnum are ok but not so good for the the trophy pelt as you can imagine. Lots of beavers are present in the area so chances for success are high. A normal outing will be about 3 hours. After the last am hunt on the Monday the 29th we will drive back to the airport for departure later in the afternoon from Helsinki.

    There is no trophy fee or limit. Hunters are likely to see a few beavers and have a high chance of success on this trip.

    Simple but good food is included in the price with soft drinks and Cabin, transportation and licenses are included in the price.

    The hunt Price is 730 Euros per person (£615)

    NOT Included extras

    Trophy prep which is around 100 Euros for skin and skal (£85)
    Beer and extra food

    Pm for more details


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    One spot gone. Still space for 3-4 people.

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    Good fun.
    Below is a Beaver scull on a log chewed by a Beaver, it made a nice trophy.


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    My hunt was in Sweden.

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    Though in your physical state Hubert, I doubt your in any condition to give a beaver any cause for concern.... Wether it comes with fur and sharp teeth, or a summer frock and a smile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratwhiskers View Post

    Though in your physical state Hubert, I doubt your in any condition to give a beaver any cause for concern.... Wether it comes with fur and sharp teeth, or a summer frock and a smile
    **** me but thats just nasty

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    **** me but thats just nasty
    Aye !
    Its me thats nasty though as I`ve just been out of intensive care for a little while.
    I was given some antibiotics by the Q.Doc. which disagreed with my Wayfarin causing me serious problems and to collapse.
    One in ten-thousand people so afflicted have large BLACK gentials and blood blotching of the skin over a huge area.
    That was me , the minority man.
    The good news is I am eating, pooping and piddling OK now and the black and blue areas are subsiding.
    The blighters nearly killed me but I am on the mend now.


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    Stag1933: Nice one. Yes a nice trophy. And great fun. :-)

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    Hunt skan'

    Having spent much time with Stag1933, and listened to his tales of sport in your country. I find a hunt in the north an aditional number on the Bucket List.

    All the best.


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