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Thread: Viht or Hodgdon?

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    Viht or Hodgdon?

    Which do you prefer?

    I have been thinking that N-140 is about the same as Varget,
    & that N135 is about the same as H4895, is there likey to be little change of POI when switching between brands due to lack of availability?

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    for the last 10 years i have used 33.2 grains of H4895 with a 95 grain SST and never had a problem all ways consistent POI

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    I stand to be corrected but I think Varget is faster burning than N140 .

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    h4895 v N140

    in my 7mm08 120 or 130 gr loads there is no differrence in poi between the two powders.

    DL, Your rifle might be different.


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    Powder Dry

    I used to use N140 in my 22-250 and moved to Varget.

    Similar but not the same.

    Same story with my 308 0.5 grain less for N140 .

    Like it better though, dont know why but I do.

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