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Thread: roe groups

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    roe groups

    Not seen or heard of the usual gathering of roe about this time of year.
    Is it due to the long winter (grass not yet growing) or some other cause .
    Tell me if you have spotted any roe in your area bunching up ?

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    in this area I have seen a group of nine on one morning made them into a group of eight then five a few days later
    this morning saw two groups of four bucks and one doe the other of three bucks and two does. there seems to be a lot of bucks still in velvet and running in bunches all over east yorks at the moment bet come monday they dissapear

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    I was watching a group of 6 the other night and another group of 6 on another location.


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    I had a group of 9, 3 weeks ago. Was out this morning and just 4 now, including the same buck as 3 weeks ago.

    I got some cracking photos of the buck still in full velvet, looks like still growing too!


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    What precious few I had have disappeared. Hoping they will turn up but fear they have met a sticky end!

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    Hi 6 weeks ago 15 in group all does

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    Last Wednesday there was a group of 9 or 10 between the A34 and Didcot railway station.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I saw a group of 8 and 5 yesterday whilst driving arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.
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    Saw a group of 6 two weeks back, same again whilst out driving. Have not seen many on the ground I stalk though.


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    We sore a lovely group of 7 yesterday so I'm happy with that


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