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Thread: Eating foxes

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    Eating foxes

    Never had a year when foxes have been so much trouble, two goat kids and one lamb so far, sat in the lambing pen last night, and at 1.50amshot a vixen, still had a belly full of cubs, shot with a 20 bore and BBs. Left her by the fence to pick up this morning.Now here is the thing, this morning, there she was exept he organs and cubs, no crap around, completely gutted and eaten We don,t have badgers and are in the middle of a housing estate. With 80 ewes to go, worrying if I got the wrong fox (if there's such a thing) what ate it between 2am and 6 am.

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    Hi Taff, think I would put out a couple of trail cams and keep sitting out,not sure what ate it though jab.
    ​ps good luck and keep us posted

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    My guess would be an early morning Buzzard or possibly a Raven. atb Tim

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    Had similar a few years ago, guts eaten out and all the ribs chewed through.
    I never really got a sensible explanation for it.
    Maybe time for a bigger gun.

    Joking aside I would have thought the most logical explanation was/is another fox.

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    a raven or two will soon shell their guts out

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Woodsman View Post
    another fox mate.seen it before

    +1 woodsman
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    I shot a fox a few years ago, which ran a short distance into thick cover. I knew I'd hit it as the shot pattern hit it straight in the engine room and bowled it, for it to vanish. I couldn't find it due to inpenetrable cover and it played on my mind for about 3 days, when in a paddock I walked through every day, at the other side of the cover I found a fox skull and a few vertebrae picked clean.

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    As others have said another fox, never believed it until last year when I shot two eating a dead one from the week before. Loads about this year, and causing real problems here as the weather is unusually tough.

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    not seen it myself, but would say another fox taking an easy meal, have seen them pulling the pots from a road kill badger and even a dog fox trying to mount a dead shot vixen on a dung heap
    so I know there not fussy!!

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