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Thread: 4x28 Scope

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    4x28 Scope

    Hello folks,

    Looking for a 4x28 scope or similar for mounting on top of .22lr.

    So, anyone got anything suitable for sale? (Also recommendations welcome).



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    I have just the thing but unfortunately I don't know how to link my ad, the one without pictures, to the original ad, with pictures, by the person I bought it from. It is about three weeks ago in classifieds.
    Just found it, it is on page six.
    The price I paid was 120 as I thought that was a reasonable price, however the seller has not sent the paperwork yet as promised, maybe due to the Easter break.
    I was a little worried about using this on 30-06 and did a bit of digging.
    I contacted the UK importer, Highland Outdoors, and had a good chat about this scope.
    It turns out these scopes 'Nikko Sterling' are owned by an Australian company and shortly after they took control they moved production from Japan to China.
    They researched the company and found they could do the same product to the same standard at a better rate so now all Nikko Sterling are made by a very reputable company in China.
    I was assured that this particular model is suitable for use on my 30-06 and even without the paperwork, should anything go wrong, the warranty would still be honoured.
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    Hi Scrummy,
    I have a nikko stirling silver crown 4x32 that hasn't been mounted on a air rifle for years.
    If you pay the postage you can have it. No box etc.
    in good order all round though.
    let m know if your intrested.



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    I have a Pecar straight bodied scope - 3x36
    It came off a BRNO .22, so has rings designed for that type of .22

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