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Thread: Another Fox Falls To The Archer N.V

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    Another Fox Falls To The Archer N.V

    On Tuesday i went to have a cuppa with my local Farmer and was told they still had a Fox problem, What had happened was his wife went to shut the Hens up for the night and the dog chases one up into the Farm yard buildings, she thought i will do my jobs and then pick the Hen up and shut it in with the rest later, famous last words she forgot and the next morning she only found the feathers of her Hen.I had shot 3 Foxes in about 10 days on the Farm after they had lost some Geese but it turns out Foxes keep turning up,Wedensday night was no good to look for Charlie as it was snowing quite hard, last night i drove around the Farm and only saw Rabbits but i got a call From the Farmer saying i had just missed the Fox it was in the Farm 15 minutes before i got there.Tonight i picked up the 243 and my Archer and set off to the Farm at 7.45 pm and was prepared to sit and wait in the field to see if he showed up this evening, the Farm is only 2 miles from my front door so it was no biggy to drive there again and wait for Charlie.I was parked in the field he keeps showing in for an hour and a half and there was no sign of a Fox but i did hear two Foxes a field or so away but they never turned up where i was, i decided to move across the road where there is another well used run infact i had shot two Foxes in this field a week ago, i had slid the Archer on to my rifle at the bottom of the Farm drive and rested it on my door mirror as i drove into the field, i find this is the quickest way to be prepared for a quick shot at a Fox, i drove up the slope to the top hedge and sure enough i picked up a pair of eyes in the headlights off with the lights and turned off the engine,as i looked through the scope i could only see the eyes of Charlie as he was laying as flat as he could to the ground i turned the scope up to 4 x mag which with the Archer is 8x as the Archer is already 2x mag slowly squeezed the trigger and i heard the thump of the bullet hitting it's mark. I drove to the Fox which was dead as could be at 149 yards from where i pulled the trigger and what a good shot it was right in the head, so i hope this time i have got the right Fox but i keep saying that and as soon as i shoot one another takes it's place.

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    You do know them night vision contraptions are cheating don't you

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    Nice one good shooting

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    I know Martin , but the Foxes on this Farm are well educated to the lamp and the call because of woodbe shooters driving around the roads at night shinning over every gateway and trying to get a rabbit or Fox,so the best way is the Archer.LOL

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