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Thread: Problem with cz safety.

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    Problem with cz safety.

    Just brought a CZ .22lr second hand from Guntraders and had it send to my local RFD.I have to say the service was very good and I was very happy with the gun until today when when't out to try it. When the gun is loaded and the safety is on if you press the trigger it does not fire but when you pull the safety of the gun fires.(Everytime) Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem or not and is it easy to fix etc. I will contact the shop were I got the gun from but they are closed until Tuesday now so for now I wont say who they are.I don't want to give them bad name as like I said the service was very good and i hope they will sort it without any problem. The other thing buying a second hand gun were does it leave me with the shop.It was not mention to me that the safety was faulty so I guess is up to them to get it sort it.Any advice very much appreciated.

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    They should have checked something as potentially dangerous as that.

    In the meantime, you could try asking the same question on Rimfirecentral. Someone on the CZ sectikn may be able to help.

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    If it has been fitted with a trigger kit it could just be on too light a setting.atb Tim

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    I think the trigger has been fitted with a new kit as the trigger is very light so could be that.It makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkal5000 View Post
    I think the trigger has been fitted with a new kit as the trigger is very light so could be that.It makes sense.
    I used the rimfire magic kit on both my CZ 452s . the .22 was fine but I had to use the next stronger spring on the .17HMR, a sharp slap on the stock or using anything but the gentlest pressure on the bolt would make the mechanism fire. atb Tim

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    Hi Tim.That sounds right.I will contact the shop first and see if they can send me the spring if not I will order one myself for 14.

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    A pal of mine had this exact problem. Every time he released the safety the rifle went off. It was a really easy fix. There is a roll pin (not sure of technical name) that goes through the trigger and into a bracket hole either side of the trigger. It had come out of one side plate, so was in one side, through the trigger and not through the plate on the other side. This threw the trigger out of line by a couple of mm and meant that it was dangerous. It was in the shop for 5 minutes and they had it fixed. A free repair.

    Hopefully yours is the same


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