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Thread: apply the citizens charter to the licensing departments

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    apply the citizens charter to the licensing departments

    Would it not be a great idea to put the FLB's on the citizens charter. They could then be rated, berated, proven outdated and overinflated,commiserated, then bloody incinerated.and then commemorated.then deficated(thanks Beowulf)

    Then resurected, re inspected,disinfected by the elected ,and then maybe they will perform fairly and equally across the board and stop making things up as they go along like its a song, although they wrong, and have been for so long, like chimps on a bong


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    clear as mud mate

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    I like it but you should have added the word 'Defecated'! somewhere. 'Chimps on bong' I can relate too!

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    no probs Beo, have added your bit

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