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Thread: Tikka 595 or T3

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    Tikka 595 or T3

    Is the 595 Tikka any better than the T3 ?

    people tell me that the T3 is not as good is there any noticeable difference

    interested to hear your thoughts


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    Simples yes, the 595 is much better!

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    Provided the barrel/bore is okay, I'd pick the 595 every time. The 595 is built to a standard, the T3 to a price.

    ​Ive picked up and shot quite a few T3s but have yet to meet on that would make me want it over my M65.

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    I remember reading an article in a swedish shooting mag comparing a 695 and a T3. The long and short of it was that in most ways the reviewer felt that the T3 was better, especially if going for a true long action cartridge. A lot of people knock the T3's but as a "reasonably" priced workhorse I think that they are hard to beat.

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    Having had a 595/695 I've now got three T3's Nuff said I just prefer them couldn't really tell you exactly why probably just because there more modern I guess......

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    Biggest difference is the recoil lug , the 595/695 has a proper one the T3 has a pretend one , from memory the 595 mag was a more substantial metal and plastic job whereas the T3 is all plastic and i preferred the release catch on the 595 as well , all that said i have a T3 and it is a fine rifle , just don't think its up to the quality / longevity of a 595 .

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    Ive got three M595's and a mate has just bought a T3. Its a nice rifle but I prefer mine.
    The only thing is there are more shiney bits available for the T3 than the 595, dont know if its because they are newer, more popular or because they need them.
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    i don't think there is alot in it. i prefer the m595 over the t3 because there cheaper to pick up secondhand
    the m590/m595 and m690/m695 have superb triggers. they feed perfect from single stack mag and smooth. the safety is simple and locks bolt to.

    the stainless ones hold money abit more also. a quick bead blast and they look like new again.

    ​would i have a t3 at the right price in the right calibre. to right i would. i think there both hard to beat.

    had m595 in

    222 remington
    17 fireball
    17 remington
    243 winchester
    270 winchester

    all shot great

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    Bought a brand new T3 and now own a secondhand M595. The 595 is waaaay better to shoot, it is a much sweeter gun, and is better built

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    Had a595 was ok,prefer t3 they shoot very well , lighter to carry .

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