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Thread: Stalking asika in the snowy uplands....advice needed!utst a

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    Stalking asika in the snowy uplands....advice needed!utst a

    Firstly apologies on the title and spelling mistakes, flippin preemptive typing on the iPad.

    I need some advice from experienced upland Stalkers.

    I was on the mountain from 5am this morning, missed a fox, but the main question do you cover wild ground in the snow!?

    I am not talking about waist deep snow, just between ankle to under the knee. I had a stalk covering three mountains today and step by step I went nowhere fast. The next question is, I saw miles upon miles of fox tracks but only one fox. I sat down, squealed, glassed hill after hill, with no results. I had ravens and grey back crows fly over me every time I squeled but no foxes. There were more fox tracks than sheep tracks!

    Am I missing them? I have hunted with dogs and shot for years and could pick out hares ears in long grass never mind a fox.

    Third question is this...

    I have had the last five outings from 5am to 1pm on ground full of Sika with only 1 stag spotted about five weeks ago and since I came onto the top of a large hill and breathing out of my anus I just couldn't keep the rifle on him at all. So my question is this, we all know that Sika are elusive, butafter laying licks and molasses posts, why am I not spotting deer? I am moving very slowly, always respecting wind direction, step by step like a Ninja in ground full of deer but no deer to be seen.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I know all the landowners and the area of land I shoot is completely inaccessible to poachers who have to go up through the yards of the farms to get into the uplands and there is no poaching or other Stalkers in the vicinity. The trees have a high degree of Sika damage and I even hear reds roring some morning from deep inside the large expanse of forest.

    Are the Sika perhaps refusing to venture onto the forest edges where I can get a shot during Daylight hours?

    To conclude about the snow, it wasn't even that deep but it turned the stalk from enjoyable and chalenging to an absolute polar expedition. So what do you do in winter months.....abandon true stalking completely if it is snowing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
    I am not talking about waist deep snow, just between ankle to under the knee.........why am I not spotting deer?
    You've answered it yourself. With that level of snow, there is nothing to feed off. They will be in the thick woods, out of the wind feeding on bark, pine needles whatever vegetation has been protected from snow cover. The natural winter inappetance of deer is a protective mechanism at this time of year. It is more energy efficient to lie up for several days eating very little than expend huge amounts of energy trying to find food which in all likelihood wouldn't match the energy used in finding it.

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    not sure if this answers your question but i have a permission on the open hill, all sika on this ground, but i have seen them out on the snow at all times of the day, what i have seen is in the deep snow they seem to pick through the deeper heather.

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