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    bsa hunter

    i have just bought a bsa hunter in .22 hornet which is in quite good condition, the only thing wrong with it is that the floor plate spring is very weak and sometimes does not feed the bullets up smoothly. have tried stretching the spring but it soon looses its tension again.
    just wondered if anyone still supplies parts for the hunter.
    thanks in advance, regards steve.

    serial number. c1b 320.

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    Try John Knibbs near Solihull who used to carry some spare parts for BSA rifles.

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    have just spoken to john knibbs, sadly no joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizzard View Post
    have just spoken to john knibbs, sadly no joy.
    Could you make the spring from summat else fit it? CZ maybe?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Brithunter on here is the man for vintage BSAs so hopefully he will see your post and offer advice. If anyone knows where to source or make this part it will be Kevin.
    I too have a BSA in .22Hornet. Good luck.

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