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Thread: Getting a German Jagdschein

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    Getting a German Jagdschein

    Has anybody got any experience or advice about getting a German Auslanderjagdschein to hunt in Germany whilst on holiday?

    I have an invitation to stalk over there, however my host has no experience of obtaining the required paperwork for anyone and I wanted to get a bit of advice from other people who had been through the process.

    How long does the process take?

    What sort of costs are involved?



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    Hi Gez

    I have a freind who lives in germany and when i go over i have to send him my f/c and my basc insurace which you can get printed in german from basc, i think he takes them to the town hall or something like that.

    you get back your jagdschine which is dated for the time you are there
    it takes about a couple of weeks, so i always give plenty of time to sort it out.

    I have no idear of the cost as he aways pays for it.

    sorry cant help more


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    Here's who to contact for info on auslander permits they will give you all the relevant information required .

    Shooting in Germany isn't just as straight forward, as you think when i completed my jagdschein it took me the best part of 2 years, first of all to learn to speak German ,the to decipher the German hunting language hunting signs horn calls and a load of other stuff, then to find a forester that would allow me to stalk/shoot in his forest,that was the greatest difficulty.

    It started off with pigs and worked its way up to deer , a gift to the host always goes a long way ,as does a good dram .

    The German hunting seen in very traditional in many ways tread carefully
    hope the above link helps .

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    Geman Jagdschein

    Hello widows son,

    Congrats on the Jagdschein, It took me 2 years also.
    There was a problem that you had to be resident in the lande (ie bavaria or sachsen) to do the course but Saarland had dumped this requirement & the Jagdschein schools were doing a roaring trade there in the 90s.
    Now I believe all of Germany is the same ie no residency requirement.
    Now if you do the exam and pass it then you are entitled be issued a 3 year Jagdschein even if you are resident abroad & could have a German revier.
    This was told to me by my pal who is a Berufsjäger (gamekeeper).



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    Bavarianbrit: I,m not sure of the current requirements on residency ,one of the reasons i posted up the DJV web site it once people learn to navigate through it, it has most of the information on the different hunting areas ,which at my initiation into the Jagdschein they split up what you could do in the south, you couldn't get away with in the north ,I was fairly lucky in a way I had the local game keeper lived about 50 meters away from my house ,after our first encounter which he stalked me .

    I use to go out at night and watch the schwartz bock and the pigs at last light he had a small fit about this untill he seen i was only watching them.

    Thereafter he had me out on various hunts, to watch, the was a hunting school about 40 miles from me at Springer, I found out the information and got started to no avail, i had to start with learning the language which took its time ,before this i could get beer food and a f*** so this was a whole new concept.

    It takes the Germans about 100 hours study, to pass the test it took me two years learning the language ,then the hunt speak ,the horns ,warning signs ,the different types of drives , plus plenty more .

    Give me the test for the level one any day, its plane sailing compared to this.

    You've got to get into the hunting circles which isn't easy ,the thing that opened the door for me was, I was right into the stick making at the time, the Germans are very traditionalists when it comes to clothing ,guns and sticks ,on seeing some of my creations out of both buffalo horn and tup(ram) horn ,this was something new .

    The passing over of a stick to the host on the day was a door opener to say the least .

    The link on the other post is easily read by right clicking ,the mouse and picking google translate,this will give you the English language version .

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    There was another post about this somewhere in the pistol thread below, if you are in the forces there is an "easier" english language version you can do.

    What I always liked about the German hunting test is that you are treated as an assett to the community and given special privledges concerning firearms ownership. Hunters are often asked to help police in searches etc
    If we were treated in this light here I would poss do the dsc tests but can't see any point at the minute it is a waste of time and money.

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    Well done to those who have passed their Jagdschein exams and tests. I've not done them myself, but as a half-German I've spent a good deal of time there and Nuesslein's 'Jagdkunde' has been one of my shooting/stalking reference books since I were a lad. Knowledge of that august text, and others lke it, gives me a healthy respect for Jadschein-holders' academic acheivement.

    As far as this country goes, though, notwithstanding the kudos gained by German Jaeger having passed this exam, do we really want another layer of quango-ridden bureauocracy without any particular purpose? I think the only 'special privilege' Jaeger have with respect to firearms is that they are allowed to own and use them. Which is, I suppose, what you'd expect.[/i]

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    I think you will find the difference in the ownership of firearms and their acquisition between hunters and target shooters is quite significant.
    My mates old man always carries his pistol with him just in case he is needed, well that's his excuse the old gangster s we call him

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