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Thread: 10,000 members!

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    10,000 members!

    I have just had a look and we are now 10,000 members, well done people. I realise that there are a load of inactive members but nonetheless it is still a respectable number, for which we at Admin are grateful

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    John et al

    Many congrats for running such a cracking site! I've not been a member for long, but it's becoming addictive...

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    Well done everyone.

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    Without doubt the number one site for UK stalkers... and number one reason for divorce amongst its members

    Well done Malc, JayB and Alex

    Done in order of age, lol
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well done guys

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    Well done admin,great forum and long may it continue,still addicted to it.
    Thanks Neil.

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    I had noticed we were on the verge of going over the 10,000 limit today, and its another great milestone for the site. When we bought the site there were only 700 members, and although Terry is rather confused with the age of the owners he cannot get away from the fact that out of the 3 of us I am the better looking

    Thanks everyone for all the support you give to the site, we as in the site owners are grateful.
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    Can members find out the exact joining number they were?

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