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Thread: 6.5-284

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    Can I convert my t3 varmint from 25-06 to 6.5-284,is the bolt face he same size and can use the same case holder for resizing,what fl die set would be best,atb Swarovski

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    Yes you can. Not sure about the mag though as I am aware the .284 case is pretty fat.

    I like redding die sets but a friend prefers rcbs. In reality whatever you can get will work.

    I know a great gun plumber who would be spot on for such a job. Pm me if interested. I won't get into an Internet pissing match but have had a lot of work completed at excellent rates.
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    If poss could someone with a ballistic programme give me some figures for a 26 inch barrel,regards swaro

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    Ive run a 6.5x284 for stalking and at first some target work for 5-6 years (on barrel 3 now)

    Its an excellent stalking (and target) cartridge, but is a barrel burner - expect 1000-1200 accurate rounds.

    With 140 grainers your looking at 2800-2900 fps

    I use 130 g TSX at 2900 fps, the rifle is extremely accurate and predictable in trajectory at the distances I use it at.

    You shouldnt have feeding issues if your going from 25-06 T3 mags.

    Case at is widest point (base above rim) is .500"

    25-06 widest point is obviously .473" (or thereabouts depending on brass manufacturer)

    If you need me to check fit, I have a couple of T3 mags here I can try 284 cases in.

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    Had a few moments spare

    Standard T3 308 mag with 6.5x284 case (ignore length as 25-06 mag has a shorter spacer at the rear...longer internal space)

    I wondered about pick up from the bolt;

    308 case in mag

    6.5x284 case in same mag

    Note its marginally lower, due to larger diameter of the 284 case.

    However, the bolt still picks up the cartridge in the action I have here, I see no reason why it wouldn't in a 25-06 donor as the bolt heads are the same dimensions..well should be anyway

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    FWIW: I was shooting a friend's 6.5-284 last night. He was using a 140 grain AMAX and Hodgdon Hybrid 100V powder. Accuracy was impressive. My buddy was told that the serious 6.5/284 guys here all love this powder. Evidently it is to the 6.5/284 what Lil Gun is to the Hornet. (considered ideal) Just an FYI.~Muir

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    Thanks for replies,hi red,your 6.5-284 stalking rifle does it have a 26 inch barrel,have you tried 142gr smks or 139gr scenars,what mv were you getting,what jump have you got to rifling,also what are the like for getting hot,my formats at 1000yds are timed,4 shots in 60 seconds,then same at 50 secs down and down too 4 shots in 20 seconds,my 308 gets hottish,not sure if the 6.5-284 will overheat and spray them,regards swaro
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    iam using a stiller action that was origanally in 25/06 in is now barrelled in 6.5x284 shoot and feeds just fine.
    shoots a bergar 140gr vld very accurate at 2800fts. 24"barrell.

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    I have a Tikka 690 that started life as a 6.5x55, had it barreled to 6.5x284 and it feeds fine from original mags. Super Cartridge, you will love it. Mine loves Nosler 120 Ballistic Tips and N165. 3k from a 24 inch Krieger.


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    the 6.5 is a 26" barrel,

    I havent used SMK or Scenar in the current barrel (a Brux), but I used them when it was a krieger and also a Pac Nor, both were very accurate with these bullets.

    MV was circa 2900 with both using H4831Sc

    Jump - well thats really depoendant on what the barrel likes - youd have to experiment

    The sequence of fire you describe, yes it will get warm, just like any other.

    The 6.5x284 has been used extensively in Benchrest and F Class competition and won medals around the world before the more efficient (High BC) 7mm magnums took over, you have to accept barrel life will be an issue if you use it in target scenarios.

    1200 rounds max for most barrels, maybe a little more with a Lothar Walther barrel, maybe....

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