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Thread: Brattonsound SS5+ Cabinet

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    Brattonsound SS5+ Cabinet


    I have a Brattonsound SS5+ 4/5 shotgun cabinet for sale.

    External size approx 1520mm (H) x 270mm (W) x 270mm (D) - it has a shelf at the top (inside!!).

    Double skinned vault type door - locks with one key (single key provided with cabinet).

    I bought this off my old work place. I'd be surprised if it ever had a gun in it whist they had it - it was free standing and has never been wall mounted. It has been sat in my garage for the last two years. Wrapped in plastic, sat there doing nowt. No idea how many rifles it would take.

    My former employers managed to mop around it every now and again and it went a bit rusty on the underside of the base. I sanded it off when I bought it and applied some Hammerite to the base - looks fine now, no damage to the sides, but just trying to be honest with the description.

    Looking for 75.

    Pickup only please from Chorley, Lancashire. We are moving house very soon so it would help me if it went in the next few days!! After that it will be in the Scottish Borders, with the rest of the two tons of crap in the garage....... But in all honesty I'd rather not have the hassle of moving it from here.

    There is not a snowball in hells chance of me taking a photo of this currently - too busy packing and generally stressing over the big move - sorry.

    Please PM me if interested.



    PS Might swap for a Brattonsound pistol cabinet (PD7) or ammo cabinet (SC2S) - but I appreciate this is a bit of a long shot.

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    Cabinet now in St Boswells in the sunny Scottish Borders. If that helps anyone.............



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    Hi HH

    Is it deep enough for a scoped rifle?

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    I will take this plz.
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    Sold, pending the usual.



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