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Thread: Trophy Sika Stag

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    Trophy Sika Stag

    Just putting this out there to see what happens! I'm interested in doing a swap hunt, what would you be willing to swap me for a trophy Irish Sika Stag?

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    My wife to be?
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    Cull animals only I'm afraid but stunning country and usually my private stalking only except two outings will be in the next BDS auction. See my blog below and pm if of any interest.

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    A trophy roe buck regards pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    My wife to be?

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    How about a couple of nights for boar

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    A decent Thetford red next rut..... ?
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    A decent CWD.

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    A day hunting hares with a golden eagle.
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    Two of the best tickets for England v Ireland at Twickenham next season.

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