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Thread: Polish Boar Trip

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    Polish Boar Trip

    Hi Stalkers,
    This has appeared in my email box. Don't know anything about them but if interested there is a contact


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    All I got from that was an invitation to join Yahoo e mail

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    I got the same email. Leif Brag is the man that hands out the contracts for TillHill forestry.

    Driven Boar in Poland

    We are planning another driven boar hunt in the same district as last year.

    Everyone on last years hunt were happy with the outcome of the trip and everyone would have loved to go again this year, however due to the economic circumstances and the abysmal value of the pound a few of last years participants are not able to join us this year, which means that we have a few places available for a few safe guns.

    This years hunt will take place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of November.

    We will travel out on the 12th and return to the UK on the 16th.

    Cost of the hunt is 1,500.00 per hunter.

    This includes,-

    7-10 drives per day

    Beaters and dogs,

    Transportation in the forest,

    Preparation of trophies,

    Meal in the forest,

    Full board and lodging (including additional 4-th day of accommodation),

    Service of translator,

    We can shoot all Boars and Red hinds/calves and Roe does/kids.

    If there will be less than 0,95 piece of animal per hunter per day average for all hunting days and there will be less than 4 shots per hunter per day average from all hunting days the amount will decrease with 40 per hunter per day.

    If there is less than 0,50 piece of animal per hunter per day average for all hunting days settlement of hunting will be according to pricelist.

    Wounded animals are included in amount of shot animals.

    All shot animals and shots are average from all hunting days.

    Not included

    Transport from Berlin airport to hotel and back to Berlin airport 30.00 per person

    Tips 60.00 per person

    Alcoholic drinks

    Return flights with KLM from UK to Berlin 210 - 230 depending on departure airport.

    If you are interested, then please contact me as soon as possible for more information.

    Best Regards

    Leif Brag




    PA27 8DL

    Tel/Fax 01369 860 686

    Mobile 07785 970 442

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