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Thread: Ammo/Torch Pouch

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    Ammo/Torch Pouch

    Someone has probably had this idea before but there you are. I was filling up my new ammo pouch which holds ten rounds, thinking ten's a bit excessive, (my last one held seven), and it struck me that I had a mini maglite (1x AAA battery size) laying around, that would fit in one of the elastic retainers perfectly. Not only is it useful having a back-up light with you when stalking, but seemed like a great place to store it.


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    Thats a really good idea.

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    Ammo pouch

    A great idea on the back up light, but I certainly wouldn't go on the hill without a fully charged mag & at the very least ten spare rounds, usually split between two pockets or belt & pocket, I have witnessed a friend drop four hinds at one sitting, leaving a good four hours of the early half of the days tramping round the beat to go, If he had got into another group his options would have been limited if on his lonesome Steve.

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    Hi all

    my better half Emma makes custom leather shooting accessories she makes a 10 round box please have a look a she can make anything you you I'm sure one or two of the members on here can testify to the quality of her stuff. i personally have a leatherman wave there are two elastic side pockets on that i carry at all times a small 1AA led torch with me

    all the best ash

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    Ash the girls got a talent very nice quality leather goods nice finish to the work .
    Very cheap for hand produced work.

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    I'll second that - except it isn't 'cheap' it's bloody good value! I've got a bullet box, bolt holder and whistle lanyard. The box & holder both embossed with initials, stags head and oak leaf cluster.

    Some of Emma's work is up for grabs in the H4H auction room - so get bidding.

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    If you are looking for a bright back up torch to use in this situation, Fenix LD01 might be worth a try...

    Granted, its not cheap... but it is insanely bright for 1 AAA battery. It pushes out up to 80 lumens, when the AAA maglight only manages around 10 I believe!

    I haven't got one of these, so I can't testify as to how good it is, but I do have an LD10 which takes 1 AA battery and outputs up to 120 lumens! It's a great piece of kit, and a tiny size which means its easy to carry around in your pocket. The batteries are also cheap and small enough to easily carry spares. (especially compared to the expensive cr123a which most torches with similar performance seem to run on!)


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