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Thread: binos for under 300

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    binos for under 300

    I am in need of a new set of binos and have a budget of 300 I am after advice ad recommendations please, I have got it down to 3 so far minox 8 x 42bl, minox 8 x 33 and steiner 8 x 42. Will be using them for stalking in woodland and farm land not too much open hill.

    Any advice and help gratefully received Charlie.

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    Steiner 8x42

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    Don't ignore secondhand optics.

    I couldn't see anything at Macleod's, but they might be worth a call.

    I don't have any connection with Ace Cameras, but they do have a good reputation.

    I know these are above your price range but they are a solid pair of binos: Leica10x42BA: Secondhand & Used At Ace Cameras

    Or these Zeiss Jena Notarems for £149: Zeiss10x40 Notarem: Secondhand & Used At Ace Cameras

    Also try London Camera Exchange.

    Probably the pick of the bunch, they have this cracking pair of Swaro's at £100 above your budget: Used Swarovski 7X42 SL | London Camera Exchange - Guildford. The old Habichts are bulky by comparison to modern SLC's and EL's but the optics are superb.

    They have another pair of Leicas for about the same price as Ace Cameras: Used Leica Trinovid 8x42 BA | London Camera Exchange - Leamington

    As well as a very nice pair of Zeiss Dialyts: Used Carl Zeiss Dialyt 8x30 T*P* With case | London Camera Exchange - Colchester

    Or an even cheaper pair of Notarems (that TBH I would probably give a miss): Used Carl Zeiss 10x40B Notarem | London Camera Exchange - Bath

    Secondhand optics can be a very good investment if you find the right pair.

    Good luck!

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    Opticron, even simpler answer.

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    I Love my Minox BV 8 x 42. Broke the lens cap and they are back with them for free repair and tart up.

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    Hi Charlie

    I have a pair of 14/15 month old Minox HG 8x43 (from Ace Cameras) I'm using as spare that I could be persuaded to part with, but you might need to up the budget by a little...

    PM me if interested and I'll ping over a photo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Opticron, even simpler answer.
    Completely agree, was in the same boat and bought opticron. They fall short of my dad's zeiss in last or first light.but at almost 10 times the price, its to be expected. Great optics for the money

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    for expert advice and fantastic customer service, try this link. I bought some binos from them, they gave me great guidance, stuck to my budget and couldnt have been more helpful. I also called back a few weeks later for further advice which they were only too happy to give. So all round brilliant service.


    +1 Opticron

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    Hi Charlie I got a pair of bauer binoculars from Alan Rohn to keep an eye on my fisherman on the loch i have,I got them at the deer stalking fair. Have to say they are pretty good I have always used habicht and still do for my stalking but these are a fair optic for the money and would not hesitate to use them when stalking.


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