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Thread: Unexpected badgero

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    Unexpected badgero

    Strangest thing happened me this morning at 10.45am

    Three days ago I threw a half a bag of meal out for the pony in several small piles due to the hard winter conditions.

    This morning I took the two dogs up onto the hill and as I came round the corner a huge boar badger was out in broad daylight feeding away.

    I have absolutely no setts on the hill at all, or so I thought, but at that time of the morning......strange.

    Now it got me thinking, I checked the meal yesterday and was shocked to find not only it all gone but the grass down to a length as though rabbits had grazed it and it caught my attention. Now I knw why, there must be a few coming at night and feeding at that spot.

    Why could it not have been deer..........hold on.......maybe this calls for a trail camera to see who isactually visiting at night time.

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    could have been your missing sika

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