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    Portable Bipod

    When I was at Kelso one of the stalls (next to SD stall) had "portable bipods" but i cannot remember which company, can anyone help? They were made from thin garden sticks and varied in length from 12" to 20" and were very light so that you could just stick them in your pocket and take them out when needed.

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    The "Trigger Stick" does everything from sitting to standing and is well worth a look.

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    Thanks for the relplies lads. I have a pair of Stoney Point sticks which I don't use and a pair of Twaines Twin Sticks bought from YDS which I use all the time.

    The bipods I was after were only for shooting from the prone position, like Harris ones except did not attached to the rifle and didn't extend.

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    You were probably caught off guard by JAYB smiling - it distracted a lot of people!

    Stand was ours. Without switching into American style marketing hype ( ) the sticks you mention are rather different from those mentioned above.

    Basically the Robertson stick kits we do now come in three sizes - Maxi, Mini & Micro - to fit the three standard diameters of the green plastic/metal canes. The bipods you saw were the micro & mini versions.

    The kits allow you to slide the link piece up and down the stick to adjust height - so really choice is yours - you can make a set up out of any width of cane that suits you. But the micro/mini are perhaps better proportioned. The bipod kits are all the same price - 24.75. The made up sticks as you describe are 37 - both posted.

    If interested drop us an e mail to address at foot of this and we can take forward from there.
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