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Thread: given the chance????

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    given the chance????

    hi guy's
    just got back from walking with dinosaurs and Sheffield arena with my little lad and my mother it was a brilliant show and very real and well worth the money and we all enjoyed it very much. they had dinosaurs from 2ft high upto 60ft high and was stunning.
    buuuuuuuuuuuuuut as a fellow shooter my mind turned to if given one chance to go back in time and shoot one extinct animal from 100 years to 300 million years what would your choice be and why.
    just for fun stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Jimmy saville....
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Why shoot anything likley extinct or near so its nither sporting nor good management
    to my mind any shooting should be for FOOD or MANAGEMENT

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    does it not say just for fun? I should image t rex steak would be cock on lol
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    Jimmy saville....

    P/////ed myself laughing

    Me first though!!
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    gotta be T-REX, just so I could get a full mount done for the Natural History Museum
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    hope you have a good dog?

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    no just a good sabre tooth cat lol
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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