I have had these three weeks. I imported them from the States because I need the EE width fitting. I bought UK9EE but these are clearly a size too big for me.

I've worn them for a day at work and two two hour stretches, followed each time by putting Cedar shoe trees in them to maintain the shape (these won't be coming with them).

I paid 182 plus import stingers so just over 210.

I'd like 140 PLUS postage. If they do not fit, once I have them back the buyer can have the 140 back. Can't say fairer than that.

I don't want trades thanks and I won't drop the price as all I want is the same in a smaller size as I really do rate these traditionally made quality leather no lining whatsoever boots. The Vibram sole is superb grippy (but I can't vouch for wet rocks as I haven't worn them out in the wet).

These aren't going to be waterproof like Goretex, but they are going to last a long long time.