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Thread: easter sunday fallow buck

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    easter sunday fallow buck

    hi guys

    just a quick write up, i went for a sit in one of my highseats this morning after a fallow, i also invited another sd member along his name is unlucky tony (running joke) to have a sit in another one of my seats.
    anyway we both got into position before light, tony was in a double seat looking at the one edge of the wood and i was in a single on the other side of the wood.
    the day woke up infront of me with nothing to see bar a badger, now these fallow are buggers for appearing a very first light and very last light and by now it was well light, so i was thinking hear we go again another blank.
    when all of a sudden i spotted a pair of antlers appearing out of the valley (this seat is on a tree in the middle of a field between a valley and the main wood ) he was heading straight for me and i mean straight, he had a quick walk on heading for the cover of the wood for the day
    so i gave him a quick shout he froze for a second or two at this point, he was looking straight at me head on at about 70 yards so i sent a 308 150grain sst on its way at his neck he dropped like a sack of poo
    i reloaded just in case but he was going nowhere, waited for 5 mins then went to inspect the beast i was well pleased he was a nice animal to take out.
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    Congrats, nicely done.

    Hopefully getting my first later next month with Brian aka Woodfordfallow

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    Well done, I was out stalking as well this morning and managed to get a fallow doe ,ifi can get the pics of my phone I will do a write up tomorrow as too tired today

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    Well done Dave
    ​atb steve

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    Nice one Dave :-)

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    Thanks Dave,I always enjoy to be out,had to laugh on the way home.I was thinking about the quad stopping duff,in the mud and snow,with both of us on it.
    Well done,Dave I know you put a lot into,your ground etc,so you deserve a bit of good luck.
    Once again thanks mate,speak to you soon.Tony.

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    I know what you mean Dave, this time of year it is generally gone before you are even in position or out just after you have left, so always feels twice as satisfying to get something this time of year!

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    Well done!
    I can just visualise him strolling up the valley just when you were about to pack up and go home.

    I hope there's still one wandering about your place with my name on it!?

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    Well done Dave...............70yds welllllllllllllllll you have to get that near with a 308 because of the bullet drop now if it had been a 270 you could have shot it a lot further out

    Hope to catch up with you later this year mate
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    Where exactly in the neck did you hit him because the shot appears to be in the brisket.............just asking.


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