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    hi guys.
    in 2011/12 i shot quite a few foxes (130+), this year ive shot 4.
    mainly due to lack of intrest and other commitments so ive gone from 6 nights a week to 5 or 6 times this year.
    anyway 3 of the 4 was shot in the last 3 weeks, these 3 were vixens, not in cub or lactating, one was an old vixen and the other two was young ( probably last years cubs).
    non of the usual dens are showing signs of anything been in there, one in an old usually dry ditch is flooded out.
    im wondering if this odd long cold weather has anything to do with it.
    i mean its pretty much rained since this time last year, the foxes prey dosent seem to be plentiful so have they just not bothered mating as they couldn't support the litter of cubs?
    for some reason all the rabbits have gone to, the partridge didn't manage to rear there young to adulthood because of the rain and the pheasants didn't fair much better, worms carnt of faired to good either in the water logged soil.
    so what do you guys think?.

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    Good point.we shot a very heavy vixen last week, mostly all dogs lately but very few about,its getting boring not seeing anything when lamping.
    ​atb John

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    Seeing a few about here, shot a heavy vixen on friday and saw another 2 that didnt stop for the bad news.
    Havent really seen any reduction in normal numbers.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    not had any probs with fox at our pig farm this year that i look after, just not seening any iam getting fox hungry now may have to catch some town ones and let them stand for me to pratice on

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    I think youve trimmed up some barren vixens and the ones with cubs are still in the ground , nature hates a vacum and they will soon fill in , keep going

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    Just had a call 5 seen in a sheep field this afternoon so out Sat am for a start. We have had vixens with cubs for at least 1 month, probably more.


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