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Thread: Larder Prices

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    Larder Prices


    As the Sika season is now upon us, how much should you expect for your sika venison from the Gamedealer??

    It would be useful if you would also indicate rough location aswell

    Very Many Thanks


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    A friend in the Lake District is getting 2.20 a kilo for Reds so the Sika should be similar.
    About 10 years ago I was getting 1.60 a pound for them so things have got much worse.


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    In Perthshire we are getting 1.40 per kilo for reds at the moment. 1.50 per kilo for roe. Sorry no sika around here (thankfully!)

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    Cheers Fella's... anyone else want to chip in?

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    2.20 kilo from usual dealer. Guts out and feet and head off.
    I always take both tracts out but a lot of carcasses brought in there dont!

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    2kilo for Roe and 1.10 for Fallow in Northumberland.


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    We are paying the following at the moment:

    Fallow/Sike & Larger Species 2.00 a Kilo

    Roe & Munties 3.00 a Kilo.

    Demand is still oustripping the supply at the moment with us I am finding week to week.

    Regs Lee

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    Where are you based? I might be able to put some your way if your local.

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    We are based at Hythe-Southampton Hants, just on the northern edge of the New Forest.

    Regs Lee

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    So I reckon my GD offering 75p/lb minus 3lb shrinkage per carcase for Sika is low huh?

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