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Thread: New Sako A7 22-250 Zero'd

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    New Sako A7 22-250 Zero'd

    Just zero'd my new 22-250 Sako A7. Quick bore sighting, then after a few rounds to clean it out, about 5. First serious 3, I like, one click left and that'll do for me, Didn't feel the need for a third shot, save it for the real thing tomorrow. 1" high at 100m. Braw!
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    Looks good, I'd be looking for some lower mounts if I were you.

    happy hunting
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Must have a long neck or tall eyes, they suit me. Apel quick release jobs, not cheap.

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    I am thinking of possibly getting an A7 in .243 over a Tikka T3, the stock looks better than a T3 and the magazine has steel lips inserted rather than plastic ones of the T3 - which is a known Weakness as wear causes feeding problems, can I ask what you paid for the rifle?

    Regards Paul

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    Check out Guntrader, the prices on there are about the best you'll get. I exchanged my Tikka T3 for this one which was a sound rifle and never let me down but this has the edge, for me. But will reserve further judgement until I have shot it under more severe conditions than the range.

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    Hi if you had a adjustable cheek piece or rear stock bag and have cheek weld your groups will get better imo

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    Have you any suggestion for lower mounts, zeiss 3-12x56 Rail mount? Had real search to find the apel ones I have.

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    Try raising the comb first before binning your mounts! Take an old foam mouse may and cut into strips that can be taped to the comb temporarily. You should be able to mount the gun with your eyes shut then open them and immediately see a perfect sight picture. Once you have done this try shooting some groups and I bet you will become more consistent. If it works then buy a hunters of England comb raiser or similar. You may be able to achieve the same by lowering the mounts but chances are you will need a comb raiser as well.

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    Ok will try that, I know it shoots fine, buck tonight at 150m but I think it does mount a tad high. who sells Hunters of England raisers, do you know?

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    I got my Hunters of England raiser from in 2001, I am sure they will still be able to help.



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