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Thread: A First For Rotwild

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    A First For Rotwild

    This morning Rotwild(Gary) myself and a keeper friend from up north went to see IanF at his ground near Buckingham, now it has to be said that Rotwild has been really unlucky with
    deer over the last 2 years, he has been out many times seen deer but never actually shot one so would today be any different.................

    We got to the ground and it was -5 and f***ng freezing as we boarded our respective high seats on different parts of the estate and settled down to wait for the sun or the deer to
    appear ,well to cut a long cold story short @06.20 i heard a rifle shot in the distance quickly followed by a text from Rotwild saying Muntie YES !!!! the boy has finally done it. Apparently
    a young buck crossed the ground in front of his high tower and he cleanly dropped it with his 6.5x55.

    So i would just like to say a big thank you to IanF for taking us out on his ground today loads of deer signs great company and very proffesional but mostly a massive well done to
    Rotwild for bagging his first deer you really deserved it mate.

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    Well done Rotweld and after two years of trying very well deserved

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