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Thread: Made a right hash

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    Made a right hash

    I went out about 6.30pm for a scout around,saw what looked like a fox on far bank,had a quick look through the binos,yeah it was and a good distance away,possibly a pb shot,I quickly range it and it was 409yds which would have been,it was heading up the bank so I ranged ahead,got down to take the shot and I was laying down hill and bipod wasn't high enough,I adjusted once and wasn't enough,the fox was getting near cover where I ranged ahead at 445yds,I gave it about 6 inches coz of slight crosswind and let the shot go,I saw the fox look up then walk on,soon as I let the shot go I knew I forgot to adjust the elevation ,I've never done that before,was too much of a rush,had to smile to myself,what cock up
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    Most wouldn`t have took the shot in the first instance.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    How could you forget about elevation? Most would forget about windage

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    No, making a right hash of it would have been blowing a leg off.

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    All this happen i well under a minute and wasn't prepared,normal circumstances I would of been Laying in wait and all distances taken and elevation would of been dialled in and if any adjustments needed it would have been 1 or 2 clicks,at that range I would of missed 0.630m low,I know a lot wouldn't agree taking on a shot at that range but that's you.

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    I've had that happen but the other way round last year, was out doing a bit of long range bunny bashing when a 1/2 grown fox popped out the hedge about 80 yards from me. With 7.75 moa still dialled in I shot well over its back it bolted about 50 yards into the field and just sat there wondering what had just happened unluckily for it I realised my mistake and the second shot was bang on. You'll get him next time.

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    I will probaly go out again later and wait and be prepared,I have been longrange shooting for a few years now on the range and in the field and I am very familiar with my equipment and know my elevatations are cock on,they are wrote down on my stock an also carry a chart too,I've shot into 1.5 inches at 400yds so equipment well up to the task.sorry if it offends some,regards swaro

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    I went this afternoon earlier than usual,thought I would put a target out at 450yds,it was a bit windy really,was a bit sheltered in the valley,not much wind at the firing point but target end it was,it was gusty and swirling,thought I would give a crack anyway,bal cal said 1.4 mils and 0.5 mil windage,my wind meter was in my other coat so I guesstimated wind was around 6mph,before I took the shots I thought about taking of 2 clicks but went by the bal cal,was happy with the target considering the wind was hard to read.a fag paper over 2 inches,if I had taken off the 2 clicks it would of been bang on,I only take on long shots in good conditions,this target was a fun thing,25-06 with an 85gr nos bal tips,atb swarvoski
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    I was shooting a steel gong at 500 metres yesterday, I dialled in the wind and elevation but was amazed to see the bullet strike well off to left (wind was 10mph from the right), I then realised that I had dialled the wind the wrong way , once I realised my mistake I was able to get a nice group.

    Better luck next time.

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    Rich you got the scope on upside doon mate

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