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    Oldest cat


    Who has the oldest active cat. Ours is 23 years old in May, sleeps out in the garage every night, regardless of temperature, has done and always comes down for for food at 9pm. Still good at mouse collecting, but given up on rabbits about three years back. How long do they live for, it seems to go on for ever?

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    Every week we see cats with inflated ages. Only last week someone told me their cat was 20 - we gave it kitten vaccinations 14 years previously!

    Oldest I have seen belonged to a pharmacist. Kitten vaccs on computer. Lived to 21 years old with over active thyroid gland (under treatment)

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    We know when she was bought as it was my daughters birthday, and she was 2 then and 25 this May. She, the cat has been to the Vet twice in her life!

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    My cat was 25 and well on the way to 26 when she passed. She became senile, she lost her voice and made the worst maaa noise ever. We had to get her out down in the end. It was her time.

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    My mothers cat went on to either 24 or 25 there was a bit of an argument within the family but it was one or the other for sure.

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