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Thread: Sods law?!

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    Sods law?!

    Anyone else in this position?

    I have spent dozens if not hundreds of hours in the woods, I have seen roe does alone and with single and twin fawns I have seen red hinds yelds and with new and one year old calves, I have seen red stags (currently off limits to me on this ground) and I have seen only one roe buck, over the march fence -probably laughing!

    I can see what is going to happen, I will get to 21st October and all I will see will be red stags, roe bucks without a hind/doe in sight!

    The neighbouring estate with new foreign owners have apparently hammered the bucks this year, a lot of familiar faces have disappeared from the woods this could account for some of the lack.


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    Some years ago I had two mischevious Irish guests over for a buck or more.
    Mine too had gone into hiding but each day we saw a fine trophy beast over my boundary fence and being unruly they wanted to zap it.
    I resisted the temptation for such naughty acts can seriously damage your status.
    As luck had it they did get a beastie each legally.

    A week later after they had departed I was sitting up a hi-seat in my forest across the road when lo and behold said fine trophy Buck appeared for a visit and was promptly arrested and taken into custody.

    Morals ?
    Alls well that ends well.
    Every cloud has a silver lining.

    English seasons are more stalker friendly !


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    Herne, not certain whether your are talking about the whole of the Roe buck season or just the last few weeks.

    Having unfortunately not been able to get out at all during the rut due to a family bereavement, on my shoots, for the last couple of weeks I too have seen only Roe does (and plenty of them!!) - not a single buck. But that seems to be the pattern every year with Roe on my patch - once the Roe rut is over, the bucks just seem to lie very low, presumably to recoup their condition before the winter.

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    Went through a spell a few weeks ago of seeing nothing but roe does - I'd regularly see >10 roe in a evening or morning and everyone would be a doe. Started to see and catch up with afew bucks now that the barley has been cut and they are out on the stubbles.

    We're trying to get amongst the fallow at the moment and dozens of does and fawns around - watched a herd of over 20 the other night and not a single buck amonst them - not even a little nobber. Couple of other big herds and no sign of any bucks there either.

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    Did n't you know that deer, wildfowl etc can all read dates, and indeed clocks. Thye also have direct access to your own diary etc and there will always be lots of bucks / does / ducks /geese about but not when you want to shoot them.

    But then if somebody was stalking around all cammoed up wnating to put me in the freezer I think I would lie low.

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    Definitely fewer bucks being seen,

    I think it is a combination of the big estate next door hammering the bucks (Northern Europeans)

    Thick cover in the woodland doesn't help, and more reds in residence this year, does a heavy red presence displace the smaller deer species?

    I went out last night feeling menacing, result; three red hinds two with yearlings and one two year old hind spotted.

    Not a sign of any males!


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