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Thread: Police Call Out today.....2 Terriers out of control in New Forest

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    Police Call Out today.....2 Terriers out of control in New Forest

    Police Call Out early today to badly injured deer in private garden having been attacked by two terriers that drove it into Forest edge property and mauled it.....humanely dispatched.
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    The sad face of nature dogs will attack deer its there nature .

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    Was the hole below the ear your doing? Poor thing, hardly humane!!

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    good morning, just in from work so will keep it short, two foxes that wont bother me again ha ha

    well done for dispatching the animals.
    the hole in the ear is a humane shot so don't despair about those whom don't know anything about anatomy,
    I do have some questions though,

    1, the dark rump picture is indicative of several hours of contact with air. how long where they chased or hurt before your site arrival

    2, your beasts summer coat looks well on there, your at least a month ahead of those up north which backs theories as to why we stop short of them hearty northerners

    3, what kind of terrier was to blame, i fear they where possibly the only ones seen, looking at some of that damage seems a taller larger dog may be also to blame or assisted.

    4, dogs nature is to be wild and vicious as it is ours to live in caves and hit women over the head with clubs. However following many years of development (not all as shown) but most of us are now civilized. Dogs are the same and if trained properly and looked after don't carry out this kind of behavior nor eat faces of children so stop laying blame at the dogs. They only do what they know best. I am sick of attending sheep with torn rear ends and the owner saying i don't know why he did that he normally only stays local and doesn't wander so far or oh it was the other dog that was with him that made him do it.


    about to go and club me a woman now lol


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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Was the hole below the ear your doing? Poor thing, hardly humane!!

    ????????????? Mind, Ti's the first of April!!
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    Well done for dispatching the animal , this kind if thing really gets me mad, and even when you catch the brainless dog owners who have them off the lead the response is always the same " oh my dig would never do that "
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    Good job

    Yes a point blank one through the ear does the trick & is very humane in my book in this situation, as by the look of the pics the poor beast had already had more than its share of suffering I feel.

    ​Cheers Lee

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    Sorry, obviously need to clarify my earlier post, nothing wrong with the despatch shot placement at all, I was referring to the dog attack as being less than humane. Well done for sorting this out.

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    Hi all, the ear damage was caused by the dogs tearing at it on the shot was in the brain stem,just to clarify..the dogs were a border terrier and a brindle/cross whatever ,there was alot of subcutaneous bruising possibly caused by forcing itself through a low fence ,the coat loss was over 60%,the deer was so damaged that I could not really use it for !my bait !
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    no way of telling i suppose,but was this all there own doing or had it been in an rta before and they have attacked it after finding it.just wondering,as you would expect a healthy deer to outrun a terrier.(not including beddlingtons)

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