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Thread: .308 moderator

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    .308 moderator

    hi all,
    looking to replace the mod on my .308
    so many to choose from these days
    what are other .308 users using?
    whats good or bad with what you got?
    any info will be a help


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    Every man and his dog are making moderators, some are good some are bad...choose what suits you and your shooting...not what suits everyone else because the gun mags say it's the best! All mods perform differently but what people forget is first and foremost it's there to protect your hearing.

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    understand what your saying jager sa
    not looking for whats the best, just trying to avoid the worst and not waste money and paperwork time

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    Hi the t8 take a lot of beating but jäger as above makes good moderators also
    ​ Atb tom

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    ASE Utra works well on mine
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    Jet Z compact on my 308. Very small and light, yet to see better. Very pleased.

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    I used to chop and change mods like it was some kind of sport what did I learn its cost's me ££££!!!
    I have owned and used the following

    1. t8 great sound suppression but does rust out eventually

    2. ase northstar great sound suppression heavy will last longer than you.

    3. wildcat predator 8 good sound suppression field stripable (my 2nd fav mod)

    4. atec cmm4 not just as quiet as the above gas cuts but very light.

    5. ase ultra works well heavy built like tank

    6. atec maxim my current mod and pick of all the above pretty light good sound reduction I like it.

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    PES T12, enough said!

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    +1 dlz90. Really impressed by my ATEC maxim
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