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Thread: Hello from Tom-870

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    Hello from Tom-870


    I am not actually a stalker yet, however that is why I have joined this forum. I am a very keen wildfowler and have been shooting for 10 or so years. Whilst most of my recreational shooting is done by shotgun, my job puts me in daily contact with firearms and as such I have numerous range qualifications and a great deal of experience.

    Last year I was lucky enough to go on my first stalk and in doing so managed to bag my first Roe Buck. Like shooting my first goose, I quickly got a tatse. However unlike wildfowling I am finding breaking into stalking much more difficult.

    Being in the Army I move around approximatly once every two years. Because of this generating relationships to get permision is hard.

    What I am hoping to get from this forum is advice on how exactly to get into this sport. Advice on licence applications, equipment and ways in which to affordably stalk.

    If anyone wants to know anything about wildfowling or anti tank weapons, please dont hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome matey, you're in the right place for help and advice (mainly vice) and I'm sure people will be more than happy to help!


    (Also confirmed fowling nutter)

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