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Thread: Downward Spiral of UK BMH?

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    Downward Spiral of UK BMH?

    I am not a BMH owner and have no desire to be one but was surprised to see the following advert in The Courier this weekend

    Bavarian Mountain Hounds

    4 dogs, lovely colours and markings, lovely natured, mum can be seen, would make great working dogs or family pet, these dogs are not big, ready now very rare breed 350

    This is the first time I have seen BMH pups advertised for less than the price of a decent Lab, is it a sign of things to come?



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    Yes i noticed that as well and was shocked at the price they were asking. I think the next ad down was for a "doodle" of some description and they were asking 750 for a pup. There's something very wrong somewhere.

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    Maybe they were super good German ones??

    They're meant to be cheap as chips!

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