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Thread: New indoor shooting range?

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    Lightbulb New indoor shooting range?

    Hi folks!
    After speaking to some friends from the directory, I hope it is a good idea to ask all of you for some advice, support and help.....
    After being on different shooting ranges, cinemas, gun clubs, etc. I visited a new location further South here in Germany:

    Tontaubenhalle | MSZU - Müller Schießzentrum Ulm

    That was by far the most fascinating shooting ground I have ever been to!

    So, as a person who thinks about earning some money, I started thinking about establishing something similar in the UK?
    A combination of indoor shooting for clays, rifles, long ranges, hand guns, shooting cinema, a shop, a cafe included....

    I already stay in contact to architects and companies building and producing facilities like this. Through my business I also got contact to potential investors mainly from the UK.
    I hope to get as much support as needed from the shooting clubs, hunting associations.....

    As a possible location we think about an area (about 1 hectar under roof, plus parking areas) somewhere in an industrial area next to London, Luton, Birmingham or between these towns. That may offer some extra visitors from hunters who are heading to other countries, e. g. driven boar and deer hunts somewhere in Europe, and like to do some practise before the take off...

    So, what do you think?
    What are the next steps to get things started?
    Do we have experts on here who deal with the legal issues on shooting grounds?
    Are here potential interested folks who would like to work on this huge project?

    I am keen on your feedback, hopefully not all of you are too deep into the roe buck hunt already....


    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    There is a large company already building such a facility in the London area, Open Season are something to do with it also, so might be worth speaking to them before you go and get too excited.

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    Traveling hunters would make up only a small portion of your customers to maximise your return you would be better to locate it more centrally in the uk so as to draw on the largest possible catchment area not just the south east and seasonal travellers the deer stalking in the Uk is widespread from Scotland to Cornwall so in a more central site possibly M4 corridor or the midlands you would be access able to most of the uk on route to the capital airports as well as the wider population, just my opinion. You need constant custom from a large number to sustain a site like that and make it profitable.

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    That place looks awesome!!

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    Good idea, a pity that any developments only ever seem to be considered for the London area though - London is NOT the whole of Britain!

    If there is already a similar developement under way in the south, then perhaps a better idea might be to go to the (far) north! There would not then, be so much competition, and it would be easier for northern shooters!

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