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Thread: Sporting goods auction

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    Sporting goods auction

    I have a couple of items in this sale, but if I did not would still post this, as it is a good chance for SD members to grab a bargain.
    Sporting Goods Sale Dates 2012

    Saturday 14th April
    Closing date for entries Friday 23rd March

    Saturday 13th October
    Closing date for entries Friday 21st September

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    The Auction is on the 14th, But its still not on the site yet?
    Or am I looking in the wrong place.

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    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    I can't find it either, what do you mean by 2012? Do you have a link to the auction catalogue?

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    What I mean is this sale on Sat April the 14th was last year.

    April the 14th this year is a Sunday, hence you can't find the catalogue cause, there isn't one.
    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Sorry if I have passed on duff info gents. The sale is on the Saturday with viewing from 3pm the day prior. The catalogue typically comes out a week prior. Then you can view it online.
    ​Hope this helps

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