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Thread: Embossed vacuum sealed bags

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    Embossed vacuum sealed bags

    I'm looking to find the cheapest supplier of these bags for my vacuum sealing machine. Looking for individual bags rather than rolls. The cheapest I have found so far per bag including vat and p&p works out at:

    Culinary Innovations
    15x30 cm 0.13
    20x30 cm 0.17
    25x35 cm 0.24
    30x40 cm 0.32

    12x16 cm 0.13
    16x23 cm 0.16
    15x30 cm 0.16
    20x30 cm 0.27
    25x35 cm 0.30

    I have seen other companies such as weschenfelder however they are more expensive. Anyone know of anywhere cheaper?



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    Cheers Deerman,

    I have had a look but with their multiple item postage costs it makes the bags more expensive for 100.


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    Hi David, I use the fresherpack stuff and personally prefer to use the rolls as you then have less wastage by only cutting off as much as you need. The rolls are about 30cm wide.
    Good luck.

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    I use a Eiffel Pro 120 off flea bay good kit, however it still struggles with clear bags , I find that the Grooved bags and rolls are best , I prefer the rolls , less waste , and just cut to size , cost wise about 10.00 per 6 mtr roll inc pp, I wish there was a univeral bag that worked with all machines !!
    I also have a fresherpack vacuum as a standby ! rolls for this were 28.00 for 4x 6mtr rolls , VALUE I THINK , however they allways seem to be out of stock !!.

    Happy hunting .

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    Blimey Trapper! There's leaves and dirt all over yer bacon! Did you drop it in the woods or something!?
    Get it in the recipe section!

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    I was looking at the prices between Weschenfelder (I usually use them) and fresherpack. Fresherpack are over double the price for the equivalent sizes.

    I may change to the other one though as they are a bit cheaper, but they also have other sizes available


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    Thanks Monkey !
    Already there and ,I was Seasonally challenged . If anything this post has brought out the importance of looking after your hard earned venison . Cost being the high challenge to us all in these dull times . I think the initial outlay is a xxxing bummer , but when you got it in place it all works out !, David 1976 sorry for kinda going on a bit , its your post . I did find buying the cheapest let me down !!! I have 200 bags left over to prove that!! . Mind we are all in for a bargain, maybe someone in Vacuum bag supplies is out there to cut us all a deal!!
    Regards Trapper.

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    just wondered if anyone had tried the vac pack bags from scobies?they seem cheap enough, I normally buy mine from bushwear but theyv'e just gone up again, although they are very good and do the job well
    ATB Scott

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    Very interested in this post as I use a Tilia/Foodsaver vacuum sealer. Like Trapper, I always buy the rolls and make my own individual bags. Getting hold of the rolls is sometimes a problem.

    If anyone wants to pool orders to get a better discount, count me in!

    In fact I just bought an identical Tilia sealer from eBay for 10.50 Handy to have as a back up - I'll also take it to Scotland when we're up there salmon fishing as the others in our party are horny-handed, ham-fisted, sons of the soil so I don't mind if they break my 10.50 version


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