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Thread: Trail Camera

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    Trail Camera

    Can any of you guys point me in the right direction for a trail camera ?
    What is the max length of time one can be left in place ?

    ​Thanks in advance .

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    Can any of you guys point me in the right direction for a trail camera ?
    What is the max length of time one can be left in place ?

    ​Thanks in advance .
    My brand new Bushnell X8 just ran the batteries down after 2 weeks. It ran off 8 Duracell AAs, but then it's been very cold. I don't know if that's normal as far as autonomy goes though.

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    I recently posted some info on another thread for someone looking for a trail camera, do a search.

    I have a Bushnell 2012 camera model number 119437C, the model numbers are important as the cameras all look the same and have very similar names but the performance often differs greatly.

    I wanted a 2012 camera because they have a very fast trigger among other things and they get a good reputation for their sensor as well. I don't think I've had more than a handful of false triggers and even then I suspect there was a good reason for most such as a bird flying past.

    Mine run on Energizer Lithium AA batteries. Bushnell claim they should last a year and I can easily believe that - mine had been out since last August on the same set of batteries and a few weeks back I put it into timelapse mode and set it to take a photo every minute. After 6 days I went back and it photographed me coming back to pick it up. In that time it had taken 8651 photos, many of snow, many in the dark using extra power for the flash and with the temperatures always around freezing. The battery indicator was still showing a full 4 bars though I decided to change the batteries and use the ones I'd taken out for TV remotes or similar. So, I'd say Bushnell's claim of a year on a set of batteries will be pretty close if you use the recommended Energizer Lithiums.

    One thing worth considering about trail cameras is that they are fairly cheap bits of plastic with some very delicate electronics inside so they do have a finite life. Some will last years, of course, but in general their life seems to be in the 2 year region. Add in our UK climate and that might not help :-) So it may be that the life of the camera will be more of a limiting factor than the batteries assuming you can manage to get in to change the batteries every so often.

    If you are going to be shooting video then you need to consider the size of the memory card you use as that might also be a limiting factor. With still photos a 16gig card will hold over 16,000 pictures - that would be 43 photos per day over a year which would be impressive. The Bushnell will take a 32gig card.

    I've found that with the "low glow" cameras the deer can see the flash, are sometimes frightened by it, and eventually start avoiding the camera location. My camera is "low glow" infrared and so I tend to get lots of photos in the first few days but the number tails off. Given this it is useful to be able to move the camera now and again to cut down on the avoidance or it would be worth investing in a "no glow" camera which works further into the infrared and so is less easy for the deer to spot. If you plan leaving it a long time I'd say "no glow" is a requirement.

    At the minute Amazon have some of the 2012 Bushnell cameras at good prices and the best prices I've seen in the UK is from a company called Camera King. I've no idea if they are any good or if their cameras come with a UK warranty etc. I'd say with the old model 2012 cameras now the price has come down in the UK it is probably not worthwhile ordering from the USA if you are going to be paying duty and tax. However, if you want a 2013 camera, and they have just become available in the US, then it is probably worthwhile importing from the USA. When I bought mine UK retailers were looking over 300 and in the US I paid 112.
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    I have the 119327C which I bought on Amazon US for the sort of price you mention. It doesn't sound like I should have the battery trouble that I do. Maybe it's not the batteries, but then I find it unlikely that in five days, not one single pigeon or squirrel came anywhere near the camera. It takes good pics when it goes off though. I think that perhaps I don't understand it well enough to trust it...

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    here is a video of some rats I had in my shed last year, it was pitch black in the shed and i think the picture/video quality is very good. Its a Bushnell trophy cam, not sure of the model. I also have noticed that the batteries are ***** lasting, it takes 12 AA's but they only last 3-5 days when the temp is very low. The accessory battery pack might be worth looking at?

    Anyway have a look fellas


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    Hear is another one that might be of interest.

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    Firstly a bit of an axe to grind! I was the first reseller in the UK to supply Reconyx trailcams. They are not cheap, but if you ever buy one you will notice the difference between the average Bushnell and Reconyx. Generally accepted as the best available, trigger time to first image is 1/5 of a second! Battery life? I had 30,000 images out of a set of lithium batteries with 30% battery life remaining from this cam:- You can find my website below and guarantee best price in the UK for SD members

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    Try using Lithium batteries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalwildcams View Post
    Try using Lithium batteries.
    Lithium AA batteries yeh???

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    i have ltl acorns trailcams, each has 8 Duracell AA batteries and they last Months, and that includes SMS picture messages too.

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