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Thread: stalking dvds

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    stalking dvds

    Hunters video - hunting in the Czech republic - some great footage of gold medal wild fallow and an interesting stalk in a very large dybowski sika stag - 16

    Hunters video - calling roebucks - same young guy who appears in the wild boar fever dvds (he can call deer as well as he shoots running boar!) 16

    ull hunting - polish reds and fallow 12

    Ull hunting - European roebucks including some great footage of stalking black roe 12

    All prices include p and p


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    Hi novice.
    If the Ull Hunting are niether numbers 2 or 4 I would like to have them.
    I already have 2 and 4.


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    One of them is 4, the European roebucks DVD isn't numbered. Are you still interested in it?



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    Bryan, sorry I've just looked again and it's number 6. Pm me if you wish to buy


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    Yes please Mate. Will PM you.

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    Hi Novice.
    ​I'll take the others thanks. Ill PM the details.

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    All now sold subject to payment



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