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Thread: Chrono'd some of my loads...

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    Chrono'd some of my loads...

    Having started out reloading simply because of the high cost of 7-08ammo I have caught the reloading disease and ended up buying a chronograph and spending time experimenting with seating depths, powder charges etc. I'm not a complete addict yet by some standards, however a year ago I wouldn't have thought I'd have bought a crony...

    It was interesting though, some loads were a lot faster than I expected and some were a lot slower, here are a few results..

    Nosler BT 150gn Average 2812fps Expected 2700
    Amax 162gn Average 2551fps Expected 2650
    Sierra 100gn JHP Average 3064fps Expected 3200
    Berger VLD 168gn Average 2551fps Expected 2500
    Federal fusion 140gn Average 2750fps Advertised 2850

    So the load manuals can vary a bit in terms of what any given load is going to achieve, at least I know now what drop different loads will have and also where there is room for improvement in terms of velocity. Certainly the 100gn JHP could be pushed a little faster, whereas I am more than happy with the nosler BT load as it is.

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    Interesting results. What type of Chrony did you buy and where from as i keep wondering if to get one.


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    Hi Tom.
    The federal fusions interesting, in my Tikka 595 they shot very well but were showing definite signs of pressure, imprint of ejector on case head, I'd never thought of chronoing them but will do when I get the gear out again. I'll let you know how I get on.
    Btw what rifle are you shooting these from, what barrel length

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    The crony is a chronyf1 Jimbo.
    The fusions ar the only factory load that I have triedthat shoots well in my rifle, Average group 3/8", the 100fps loss of velocity would make sense in my 21" barrel as 30ish fps per inch seems to be what to expect (against a presumed 24" test barrel)
    Odd how the BT's shoot so fast being 10gn heavier, and there is probably more room for improvement with the 100gn JHP as even at max book load there are no signs of presure at all.

    I forgot to add, This was the first time I had shot so many different loads at the same time under the same conditions, II was shooting off a sand bag on the bonnet of the landy being careful not to shoot the chrony, the results in group size were pleasing, the average over all loads was .6 of an inch.
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    Some were 5 some were 3, I know I need to do more but time was tight..

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