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Thread: Sako Hammerhead in 270...any experiences?

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    Sako Hammerhead in 270...any experiences?

    I've posted this on a USA Forum, but will also post it here:

    Please feedback and comments on experiences of these bullets ONLY on UK deer, and elsewhere wild boar and elk.

    I'm trying to rationalise my bullets and thinking about going from Hornady 140gn Interlock to the Sako 156gn Hammerhead (NOT Super Hammerhead) or the 160gn Nosler Partition as a "one size fits all" that "magic" 10 grams weight minimum for some European Game Laws.

    I'm using a standard Parker Hale 24" barrel 270 Winchester. Not a 270 WSM or a 270 Weatherby.

    Is there any advantage of Nosler Partition 160gn vs 156gn Sako Hammerhead vs 150gn "Other" (such as Sierra, Hornady, Speer)?

    And is the Sako Hammerhead really "bonded" and how does it perform if anyone has any feedback. I'm also heard that for European hunting on boar, deer, elk that the Nosler Partition "blows up" and loses the front end on is actually not very good?

    I'm also hearing some real horror stories about the Sako Hammerhead!

    Any feedback on these bullets only please greatly appreciated!

    I'm lloking for something good for heavy game but also with no excessive velocity no excessive meat damage on light muntjac or roe shot at say twenty or thirty yards in woodland.

    I also welcome feedback on the TWO Hornady 150 grain bullets the spire point and the round point regarding how they perform.

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    My experience is in 7x64 and factory ammo only . The 7x64 is in my opinion very similar to the 270 .
    I used 160 grain Nosler Partitions in Federal ammo ( I think no longer available ) and still use 170 grain Hammerhead Sako ammo today . I had good results with both bullets . Certainly the Nosler is a very " clean " bullet . Exit wounds from 2 or 3 times calibre size are normal . I hate to have 2 / 3 inch size exit wounds . Also the Hammerhead is very clean . My friend uses a 170 grain Norma Vulan in a 7 mm Rem Mag and the same result . This bullet is a bit more agressive ( larger exit wound ) but still a lot better than the traditional soft points . This bullet is also available in a 156 grain 270 bullet .
    The 10 gram rule might be there in some countries , but not in Belgium and France .
    When zeroing my rifles ( and those of some friends ) I shoot at 75 meters and use sand as a bullet stop . I never used monolithic bullets . To this moment the Nosler Partition is the only bullet that you can recover from sand and has a true mushroom shape . It's true that the front is blown away , but the rear part is nicely shaped and retains a good bit of weight .
    No other " traditional " bullet could give me these performance .
    Sand is a tremedous bullet stopper ( in war they use sand bags , remember ) and the range is short . So the bullet hits the sand at tremendous speed and the impact is probably a lot harder than on game .
    Observing this and the clean performance on game ( also roe deer ) make me like the Nosler Partition a lot . Up to this day , I can't say anything wrong from th Hammerhead .
    In 270 the Nosler Partion is only loaded up to 150 grain in factory ammo , in my knowledge .

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